ETTWomen Workshop with Lisa Marie latino, Using Video for Business

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We had a fabulous night with founder of Hip New Jersey, Lisa Marie Latino who taught us about the importance of using video to grow our businesses. Thank you Blossoming Shutterbug Photography for the fab pictures!

Latino, who founded Long Shot Productions as well as co-running #HipNJ, gave the group following tips to consider when using video for their businesses:

1: When brainstorming for your video, think outside the box. Don’t be so rigid and traditional. Have fun with your message, and come up with something completely original that is short and to the point.

2: Your videos should look professionally produced. Even if you create the content yourself, it should be structurally sound. Do not cut corners just for the sake of saving money. Hiring a reputable production company will ensure the best result. They will work with you on scripting, storyboarding, production, and post-production.

3: Plan ahead on how you will market your video content. Videos just don’t get uploaded to YouTube and become viral on their own. You must share on your social media channels and get your audience involved.

4: A great way to get your customers involved is by staging an online contest. Offer a prize for submitting and showing how they use your product or service, in a video. You load the winning entry on YouTube and share across social media.

5: Use video as a key part in your communications. Instead of having a phone call with a potential client, use Skype or another service to connect. Having that virtual “facetime” will strengthen your bond and help seal the deal!

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